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What Is The Purpose Of Social Media Essay?

social media essay

It is impossible to ignore the popularity of social media nowadays. It has a great impact on how people interact with each other, and this is not only about sharing pictures from yesterday’s party. Now, social platforms are one of the most common sources of all kinds of information. This channel has both advantages and disadvantages, with a strong opportunity for a call to action. Social media can inspire, change the way you think, come up with new opportunities not only for a young generation but for all people who have a tablet, PC, or smartphone. 

That’s why social media essays are so popular papers that can provide you with a great opportunity to discuss important issues. This guide will reveal all information that may help you craft a top-quality assignment and do not miss any essential details. Find out some social media essay topics to inspire you for writing a good paper without wasting days and nights trying to come up with interesting ideas!Types of Social Media Essays

Social media essays may be associated with both negative and positive facts as the issue itself is rather controversial. Some people do not imagine their lives without online platforms, so they can talk about available benefits for hours. Others decide to discuss the negative influence of social media on youth and their development. Therefore, there are plenty of ideas that you can select from. Still, you should mind the variety of writing styles. For instance:

  • A personal reflection on social media. This type of paper aims to share your personal experience or to talk from a personal viewpoint.
  • Persuasive social media essay. Here you can discuss definite statements related to social platforms or their influence on people’s lives.
  • Speech on social media. This type of paper is shorter and usually focuses on a particular aspect of social media. Picking up a great speech topic may turn out to be a real challenge, so it would be useful to remember topic rules and overall structure.
  • Argumentative essay on social media. This essay must provide a clear explanation, analysis, and reliable sources, creating a strong argumentation altogether.

Popular Social Media Platforms

It is important to understand the main purpose of the platform that you are going to discuss. The style should fit a chosen social networking. For example, if you prefer writing about Twitter, it is necessary to grab readers’ attention to how celebrities and politicians use it. To make things clear, let’s look at the most popular platforms closer:

  1. YouTube. It is considered the most popular video hosting platform. Here you can find clips that are shared by musicians, travelers, politicians, etc. If you decide to discuss it, then talk about whether YouTube is a voice of freedom or some sort of well-managed archive.
  2. Instagram. People have been using this platform for nine years already. They share pictures and videos, following constantly changing mechanisms. A social media essay about Instagram may reveal its influence on young people and some privacy issues.   
  3. Twitter. It presents instant news and emergencies in a short form. People can instantly learn about big political changes and other important issues. Despite the popularity of other platforms, Twitter is powerful and can reach millions of people in just a short message.
  4. Facebook. This platform has been catering both to the young and old generation since 2004. While crafting a social media essay on Facebook, make sure you include political, cultural, advertising, and other aspects as this networking is as powerful nowadays as many years before.
  5. Snapchat. It is available in 22 languages and is a unique messaging platform. It comes up with numerous multimedia features, such as live stories, news channels, etc. It is a nice idea to talk about networking’s positive influence while crafting a social media essay.

A Correct Structure of Social Media Essay

Relevant content is important, but it will not grab the attention of the readers without proper arrangement. That’s why you should keep an eye on the correct social media essay structure. Despite the type of essay that you are going to write, the basic outline must contain:

  • іntroduction with a strong thesis as well as a hook sentence to encourage the person to keep reading;
  • the main body is made up of 3-5 paragraphs;
  • summary, CTA if it makes sense.

Due to the popularity of such platforms as Twitter and Facebook among American students, it becomes a real challenge to find a nice hook sentence. It is necessary to brainstorm to write something creative and appealing. Among the most popular options are unusual facts, arguments, or any other thought that is relevant to a chosen topic. An introduction must briefly but clearly introduce the topic as well as come up with a strong thesis statement. As a result, a person will understand what the paper is about and will feel inspired to learn more on provided arguments.

The main body usually contains up to five bodies, each of which needs to present another idea. You can’t include all options in a single paragraph as readers will feel confused. Each mentioned fact must be supported with a reliable source, evidence, or statistics. It is not a good idea to focus only on negative or positive sides. You should highlight both of them.

The conclusion must summarize all information that you have discussed in the entire paper. Focus attention on newly discovered facts, restate a thesis, and add a call–to–action if it is possible. Don’t forget to express your own predictions about social networking that you have written about.

Social Media: Positive and Negative Impact

You can easily make your paper sound convincing by providing strong arguments. It is possible to highlight the negative and positive impacts of social networking. You are recommended to include both aspects. Here are some helpful ideas to make your writing process easier.

  1. Good points to discuss:
    • Allows students to study remotely at any place.
    • Provide people with instant news and information about emergency issues.
    • Crucial social and cultural questions making them known worldwide.
    • Help experts find partners and collaborate with them.
    • Connect people from different part of the world, allowing them to study foreign cultures and traditions.
    • Help avoid untrue information and facts from politicians and other famous people.
    • Act as advert platform for promoting new films, books, and other creative inventions.
    • Help distribute significant data about environmental issues and call people to urgent actions.
  2. Negative points to talk about:
    • A wrong idea about perfect body image among youth.
    • Possible theft risks connected with losing personal information.
    • Worsening of students’ grades and overall college performance.
    • Why can people become addicted easily?
    • Almost no control of information that is shared via Instagram and other networking.

As you can see, the social media essay may address different issues that’s why it is so important to choose the right topic. How to Choose Social Media Essay Topic?

Crafting a social media essay starts with brainstorming the ideas. The options may vary from personal opinion to popular issues that are discussed on social platforms. You can also talk about the opportunities that networking provides people with. If you wonder what the best place to look for awesome ideas is, you will get a predictable answer – social platform. There you can pick up the issue that people are talking about, are interested in, and then widen your borders. Think about digital trends or something else that can grab the attention of your target audience. Consider a few effective tips that will help you arrange all your brilliant ideas into a stunning text:

  • check 3-5 resources before agreeing on the final option;
  • check what famous bloggers and other influencers think on the same topic, and cite them if possible;
  • get inspired and be interested in crafting a project on a selected topic;
  • find a few extra variants in case a selected idea falls off within a writing process;
  • talk to your tutor for getting extra tips/recommendations or ideas related to your topic;
  • find out what other students are writing about, and come up with an amazing idea to stand out of the crowd.

Social Media Essay: Top Topics

If you are seeking a nice topic for your future social media essay, then look at this list of good examples. They will give you some inspiration and help choose the direction to move on:

  1. Instagram: privacy and safety issues.
  2. Should blogging be recognized as a profession?
  3. Classroom & online education: pros and cons.
  4. 5 reasons why Twitter is not for me.
  5. Is Facebook safe or not?
  6. Can social networking improve employment?
  7. Facebook users can become additive.
  8. Personal disorders online: when to start worrying?
  9. Students and Instagram: tips on time management.
  10. Can online tutoring replace college education?
  11. Environmental impact of networking.
  12. How can parents protect their kids while they are using social platforms?
  13. Instagram and Facebook: economic side.
  14. Can Twitter replace newspapers?
  15. Legislative rules of online platforms in the USA.

Social Media Essay Example

You can discuss how a social media essay must look for a long time, but it is better to see it in practice at once. Here is an example of a paper that is worth a high degree:


It is rather difficult to imagine modern life without using social media platforms that have already penetrated all spheres so tightly. You can easily make new friends on Instagram, learn recent news from Twitter and get in touch with a brand on Facebook. However, online platforms come up not only with new opportunities but with a range of negative aspects. They can be misleading, dangerous, and hurtful as well. The rise of bloggers may greatly impact people who are very prone to listening to other people. As a result, users start wasting money on unnecessary items and then feel disappointed when they get the products that they have ordered by the influencer’s recommendation. While bloggers win, other people lose, so I would like to discuss social media’s negative aspects.

Social media negative aspects:

  • Health problems. Researchers have discovered a negative impact of networking on kid’s brains. It is even more dangerous for Individuals with mental conditions;
  • Scam. You can come across numerous unverified users, companies, and teams that can take your money or personal information and make benefit from it. This doesn’t let you feel safe and navigate the networking freely.
  • Addiction. People start spending so much time on Instagram and other apps. They do not pay attention to other more important issues, their grades start to worsen, and soon the addiction only grows. It can be compared to the one which gamblers have.


Social platforms are providing people with different information, and there is almost no penalty for using it in an improper way. Individuals of all ages spend a lot of time chatting online, seeking some data, sharing news, posting pictures so that they stop caring about their own safety. One should be cautious while using social media and keep in mind the mentioned-above negative aspects.

Writing Excellent Social Media Essay is Possible

Now when you know the structure and have chosen the topic, it is high time to start writing a paper. Still, some students feel puzzled and do not know what to begin with. They have so many questions about style, formatting, citing, and content itself. Moreover, it is important to mind plagiarism issues and exclude risks of being accused of them. If you do not feel confident about all this stuff, you can consider approaching a professional writing service and order a social media essay from experts.