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Reflective Essay: Learn To Reveal Your Emotions And Feelings


Once preparing a reflective essay, a lot of information about this particular essay’s type must be learned beforehand. This is not a simple narrative essay to write quickly. This is a specific piece with a bunch of requirements and instructions. The reflective paper is not so complex as analytical or persuasive essays. Still, it has some special features other types of papers simply lack. In a reflective essay, you need to deal with a reflection of yourself. Thus, once getting a topic assigned, you should concentrate mostly on yourself once completing an assignment. There are three main types of things you can reflect on. It includes emotions, memories, and feelings.

Moreover, your writings must be quite impressive and engaging. There is no way someone will read boring articles. Be ready to engage your readers with really interesting content. This is a key point to remember to make your essay attention-grabbing.

There is a list of special methods and techniques to intrigue your reader. In many cases, you should ensure an interesting and engaging introduction to start with. What is more, the entire article must be fascinating for readers. If you cannot complete it properly, you will lose a chance to get a good grade. Mostly, writers select some life-changing events and emotions to use as the main subject of the paper. It must be a story about important memories and unforgettable feelings. For instance, you can tell me about your first adult feelings. Also, you can write about meeting your friend and the way it influenced your life.

Reflective Essay Topic Selection

You can select any topic you want if it is not assigned by your tutor or university professor in advance. In any case, you should select proper words to describe your feelings. Good writing abilities are required to do so. A unique writing style is also preferable. A lot of attention will be paid to the way you describe your feelings and emotions on paper. Thus, the final content must always be flawless and completely original. Surely, this is a particular paper you write without researching numerous sources and materials. 

The entire background information you use is your memories and experiences. Once you have a topic to discover, you must be clear about the particular issues you reveal. It is great when you have decent writing talent. In such a case, it will be easy for you to use proper phrases and sentences. Selecting good words is crucial. Surely, it can take time to learn how to do it properly. Still, you can always find certified writing assistance online to help you with your essay’s accomplishment.

If you decide to write the paper on your own, be ready to check some vocabulary. The content of your paper must be reasonable and clear for readers. There is no need to write a long sad story. Every sentence you write in your essay must be relevant. This paper allows using a lot of your personal thoughts. Still, all of them must be connected to the main topic of an essay.

Good Reflective Essay Topics

It is more preferable to share happy memories and feelings with your audience. Nevertheless, students often present articles about their biggest failures in life. Even if you describe bad memories that greatly influenced your life, you can easily use it as the main topic of your article. It is good to describe life-changing memories and strong feelings. You can check the following list of reflective essay topics to discuss your issues with your readers. 

  1. How do you define yourself in society?
  2. What things make you inspired
  3. What situations can break your heart
  4. How do you accomplish your goals?
  5. Your unique talents and qualities
  6. The best method to overcome grief
  7. The best things you like about yourself
  8. Your biggest fears and their effect
  9. The most effective way to reach a dream
  10. How to save yourself from emotional trauma
  11. How you imagine yourself in a close future
  12. What qualities your spouse should have
  13. How first love influences people
  14. How to overcome a huge life failure?
  15. Giving a second chance to loved ones
  16. The most heart-breaking memories
  17. The first person who taught you to love
  18. The way friendship influences you
  19. The most important feelings in life
  20. The effects of winning and losing

Feel free to use any of the topics mentioned or develop your own interesting and highly engaging essay’s theme.

How to Write a Reflective Essay

Once starting working on your reflective essay, make sure to check all the requirements in advance. After selecting a perfect topic for your paper, or get the one assigned, be ready to provide your first draft. Moreover, you can prepare a plan for your essay first. It will help to arrange the writing process properly. Experienced writers reveal the complex nature of a reflective essay. There are some special tips you need to learn to prepare a perfect final text. Besides, many professional authors have a bunch of personal secrets to preparing a top-notch reflective essay.

The reflective essay writing process must be started with your thought’ brainstorming. You need to figure out what personal information you are ready to reveal. Besides, prepare yourself to use properly chosen phrases and sentences in your essay. Even if this essay is about yourself, it still requires a certain structure. All the paragraphs in your article must be connected. Use an outline to organize your text. You need to operate as same as once, preparing other academic assignments. First, start with an attention-grabbing introduction. Continue with interesting body paragraphs, and end the story with good conclusions. Try to ensure a proper transition between paragraphs by using suitable transition words.

Your story must include some catchy moments. The reader should always be interested in keeping reading your article. Still, remember to describe your main thesis statement briefly and informatively. There is no use in providing some unimportant information in your article.

Preparing a Reflective Essay Structure

A reflective essay has quite a standard structure that includes the following parts:

  • an introduction (background information, the topic’s outlining, main thesis statement);
  • body paragraphs with the main information and thoughts revealed;
  • conclusions with a summary of the main points.

Before writing a paper, write down an outline. Further, use it as an effective writing plan for your article. When gathering information for your essay, make sure to arrange your information accurately. Do not try to write the essay at once. First, prepare a few drafts. You need to work with your essay like a complex project. Make it clear for readers that you reveal some important feelings, emotions, or memories. Be ready to support your thoughts with some evidence from your experience. If you use additional sources, take care to provide proper references. In case you have an assigned formatting style, cite your sources accordingly. It is important to follow all the reflective essay formats requirements accurately.

When preparing the main thesis statement, make it brief and informative. One sentence is often enough to describe it correctly. The entire paper will be based on the main thesis. Thus, make sure to prepare an essay with logically arranged ideas, research results, and conclusions. End the story effectively when concluding.

Reflective Essay Examples

Title: Top Things That Bring Your Happiness

Writing always was the best thing to bring me joy and satisfaction. It is great that I can share my thoughts once preparing a short story. The ability to write your views down allows you to feel much better. It is like a real conversation. Besides, you can always share all your thoughts with your diary or special notebook. You do not need to think about how to avoid naming some unpleasant emotions or bad memories. Many psychologists assure that once writing a diary every day, any person can become happier. You can also get familiarly rid of the bad memories. For example, you can write down some bad memories of yours on a piece of paper and then throw it into the trash. Many personal development coaches often use this practice. If writing allows you to become even a little happier, you should try it for sure. I have already decided to keep my diary. Moreover, I hope this amazing hobby will help me with my future career. I am planning to apply for a Creative Writing Program at the university next year.

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