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Effective Tips To Manage Persuasive Essay Writing


Writing a persuasive essay, you may have different purposes. You may want to persuade another person or group of people with your text. Or you may want to sell something with a persuasive text. The aim of your writing can be different. Let’s check what a persuasive essay is and how to manage it effectively.

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a text where you support a particular idea with evidence to persuade the reader. This is a creative task. To manage the paper, you need to use your creativity and be interested in the process. But there is also a challenge that every writer can meet. On the one hand, you need to use the emotive language together with some imaginary pictures to make the reader believe your words. But on the other hand, your task is to provide sound factual evidence or refer to the opinions of other people. So, a persuasive essay is a mix of creativity with exactness. Aren’t you already excited about it? 

A persuasive essay is aimed at convincing the readers. If you are working on an argument essay, you want to persuade the target audience of the correctness of your viewpoint. It isn’t an easy task. It requires knowledge that you can get from this article. 

Persuasive Essay Structure

Let’s get acquainted with the structure of the paper and its main structural elements. 

Persuasive Essay Introduction

This is the first element of the paper. In the introduction, a writer needs to introduce the topic. Here is a tip for you. In this genre, it is better to use controversial topics. People will be more likely to commence a discussion on a controversial topic. You may think that it would be irrelevant. But in the case of persuasive writing, being able to advocate for once idea evokes interest and even excitement. Choosing a topic should also be focused on the age and occupation of the readers. It will be a mistake if you target the topic to the wrong audience. Now, let’s look closer at the components of a persuasive essay introduction:

  • Title. The title is often used in the form of a question. You can surely use a regular statement to interest the reader. But a rhetorical question draws more attention to your paper. 
  • Hook. This is what will get the attention of the reader from the very outset. To create a good hook, you may use a variety of methods. There are different techniques that you may use to serve a particular purpose. Will it be a joke, an anecdote, a funny story, a controversial saying, or some factual information? This is you who decides on the way to incorporate hook in the paragraph. 
  • Background. Some students forget about this part. But the introduction without additional background information wouldn’t be enough. With additional information, you put your issue in a particular context and let the reader perceive the situation as a whole. 
  • Thesis. This is the last part of the introduction, where you mention points for further discussion. This is usually written when the whole essay is over. Thus, you can easily sum up all the ideas in one thesis sentence. 

Body Paragraphs

Every paper has to include a few paragraphs to reveal the topic or theme. But you can decide on the number of body paragraphs. It depends mostly on the number of points you are going to discuss. In most cases, students are willing to form 2-3 paragraphs. Usually, this is more than enough to express one’s thoughts. But how can one write a well-structured body paragraph? To achieve great results, you should use the following elements. 

  • Topic sentence. This is a so-called introduction to your paragraph. This is the central point of the paragraph. In other words, with the topic sentence, you support your thesis statement.
  • Explain. Then you are going to elaborate on the particular topic and make it broader. 
  • Evidence. To support the idea and make other people believe your words, you need evidence. You can refer to your background, but this is not the most persuasive way. Opinions and real-life examples of other people, factual data, or quotations would be a better choice. 
  • Link. In the final section of the paragraph, you need to get back to the topic sentence and link it with the following paragraph. 

These are basic elements that a well-crafted persuasive essay paragraph has to include. 


In conclusion, you combine everything mentioned in the text. You should neither introduce new ideas nor draw attention to some strange points. Your task is to summarize the information and draw a conclusion to persuade the reader. 

Don’t forget about a strong ending. You can pose a question or leave some issues unanswered. You may use techniques to encourage the reader to continue the discussion. 

Easy Tips And Techniques To Write A Persuasive Essay

You may want to ask how to write a persuasive essay so that the readers are easily convinced? There are some secret tips and techniques which will help you persuade the reader. These techniques can be used not only in academic writing. You can use them in real life when communicating with interlocutors.

Persuasive Essay Techniques

  • Repetition. This is a very commonly used technique to win the attention of the readers. This is often used in commercials and advertising. Thus, the technique can also be beneficial when writing a persuasive essay if you understand that it is quite difficult to persuade the reader to repeat the idea several times. You don’t have to use the same words or phrases. You can change the grammatical structure and use synonyms to convey the same idea. If you repeat the statement several times in the text, the reader will unconsciously accept it. 
  • Storytelling. This is another technique that can work. We agree with things that are told in the form of a story. It comes from our childhood when parents told us fairytales. Here you can use an anecdote or any other real-life story to make the reader believe your words. 
  • Opposing opinion. This is quite an interesting idea. If you leave some space for an opposing idea or thought the reader would like to object to. Therefore, he will join the discussion where you can beat him with your persuasive arguments.
  • Call to action. This is a well-known technique. It is usually placed at the very end of the text. You try to encourage the reader to act. 

Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay

  • Make the reader believe your ambitious ideas. You need to advocate for your position and never step back. The reader must see that you know what you are talking about. Never let the doubts appear between the lines of a text. 
  • Use strong evidence. You may use your personal experience. But this is not what your reader is waiting for. If you want to persuade the audience, you need to find statistics, make use of factual data and opinions of other people. 
  • Use paragraphs. If you are going to discuss several points, dedicate each to a separate paragraph. This will help to make the essay more structured. Describe each argument in a separate section to draw attention to a single issue. 
  • Play with the feelings of your audience. If your goal is to persuade the readers, you need to use emotive tricks and techniques described in the previous section. 
  • Use the present tense. This is a rule of thumb to use present fences to persuade people.
  • Make use of persuasive essay examples. On the Internet, you can find lots of inspiration for your writing. 

Persuasive Essay Ideas

There are lots of topics that you can use for a persuasive essay. They can relate to different subjects and matters. It is important to choose the topic that you can talk about. If you choose something far from your understanding, you will fail the task. Here you can get some inspiration for your persuasive essay writing. 

  1. Is it important to have a cafeteria in a school? Why? 
  2. Why is it important to introduce financial literacy into the curriculum?
  3. Should students make use of a gap year after their studies?
  4. Does a student need to attend college if he has other priorities? Why? 
  5. Do standardized tests estimate the knowledge of a particular subject? 
  6. Do students need to participate in arts or physical education? 
  7. Do we need to have more free education programs? 
  8. Do the schools need to invite the speakers? Why? 
  9. Should people advocate for their religious liberties so harshly? 
  10. Should the administration of the school permit guns on campuses? 
  11. Can people in prison rehabilitate someday? 
  12. If a self-driving car bumps into another car, which is to blame? 
  13. Do we need a free healthcare system? 
  14. What should we do to help people diagnosed with depression? 
  15. Is it correct to buy vitamins without a prescription? 


Writing a persuasive essay is funny. It needs time and knowledge. But with the tricks described in the article, you will cope with the task easily. Mind your major goal and use secret techniques, and then you will convince the reader. 

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