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Essay Outline – Your Opportunity To Get A High Score


If you want any of your text to look logical, you need to create an essay outline. Without such an element, your ideas will be chaotic and not complementary. Therefore, to correctly structure your thoughts and not miss out on the main details – make a plan. This skill is necessary for everyone, in particular schoolchildren and students. Throughout their studies, students often draw up a paragraph plan, work, etc.

All plans can be divided into:

  1. Interrogatively. Each highlighted part needs to be asked a question.
  2. Thesis. The main idea of ​​the semantic part is expressed in the form of a short sentence.
  3. Designations. When formulating the thesis, nouns and adjectives are used.
  4. Reference schemes. The student chooses words or phrases from the text that, in his opinion, carry the most significant semantic load.
  5. Combined. When formulating points, several of the listed methods are used.

Before you start making a plan, you need to consider the sequence of thoughts carefully. It would help if you came up with a topic, find ideas that you will develop in the text. You need to find informational material. For example, it can be statements from authoritative writers, quotes from books. Also, do not forget about the statement of the thesis. Now that you have enough material, you can make a plan. Distribute your ideas evenly for introduction, central part, and conclusion. The most important part is the central one, so give it more attention. Now let’s answer what an outline is for an essay?

What Does Essay Outline Mean?

Let’s take a look at how to prepare for writing an essay properly. In general, drawing up a plan involves highlighting individual items. It is necessary to determine the key messages of an already finished text or one you plan to write. Here the plan of a poem or story is no different from the plan of work.

What does it mean to write a paper outline? This means breaking the text into specific fragments while highlighting the paths along which your opinion will develop. Each of the resulting fragments is a micro text, equal to one paragraph or several. Each such micro text must be named. And the heading, in turn, is one of the points of the plan.

All the text must be united by one thought, and the selected fragments are logically connected. The result should be text, in the structure of which you can highlight the introduction paragraph outline, the central part, and the conclusion. But there must be at least five paragraphs in the text. Are you interested to know what the five parts of an essay are? The first paragraph occupies the introduction, three occupies the central part, and one occupies the final.

As a rule, the plan’s points are not separate words but whole phrases and detailed sentences. It is challenging to convey the central theme or idea in separate words; they are very specific and “narrow.” Now you understand what an outline is. We can begin to advise on how to make the right plan and what the structure looks like.

What’s The Right Essay Outline Structure?

Remember the outline structure right away and use it always. When making a plan, you need to think over the direction of thought you will reflect on work. Where do you start? How do you finish? What will you write about in the central part? Any text consists of three main parts: introduction, central part, and conclusion. Match headings for each one. You can add your explanatory notes to them. So you get a detailed plan of the work, according to which it will be much easier to write the text without losing the logical connection between the parts. You can formulate the plan’s points in the form of questions that you will answer at work.

If you are interested in how long an essay outline should be, then we can immediately say that it can be either long or short, depending on what word limit you have in the text. For example, if you have 200 words, your outline will be very short. If the text should consist of 1000 words, then the plan will be difficult and long because the work must be divided into many paragraphs and pick up an idea not to repeat itself. But whatever the length, stick to the outline format:

  1. Introduction. The thesis is a small sentence that needs to be proven.
  2. Main part. Proof – these are examples and quotes, thanks to which you can confirm the thesis.
  3. Conclusion. Conclusion (confirmation of the correctness of the thesis put forward).

Expert Tips For Writing Essay Outline

So that writing an outline does not seem like an ordeal to you, we have prepared simple tips that you can always use:

  1. Drawing up any plan begins with understanding the topic and answering questions about what I want to say in my work. How is it logical to connect?
  2. First, on a draft, sketch out the main points that should be reflected in your text.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use supporting materials. This does not mean that you are allowed to use all information from the Internet and rewrite it completely. But it is not forbidden to look at versions of other people’s works on a similar topic and take some ideas for a note.
  4. Remember that not all of the material will be reflected in your work: choose the most exciting and essential.
  5. Bear in mind that the compositional structure of work must obey its content.
  6. The previously drawn-up plan’s thoughtfulness determines such essential things as the sequence of presentation of thoughts in the text and the logical connection between its parts.
  7. The proportionality of the work’s parts is also essential: the total volume of the introduction and conclusion should not exceed one-third of the text’s total volume.
  8. Use short and simple sentences when making your plan. Express your thoughts to the point. It is not necessary that at the stage of creating an outline, the speech is perfect. The main thing is that the points accurately reflect your point of view.

Essay Outline Examples

There are many varieties of text plans. They all apply to different genres and styles of text. If you are tormented by writing an outline for a specific view and looking for an outline example, we have already prepared them.

Reference Circuit

This kind of outline is excellent for oral presentation. Its features are that “pillars” in it are the essential words and phrases by which one can understand the text’s meaning. The plan-baseline scheme is used for small texts, indicating various facts and numerical indicators in the article. Example:

  1. Landing page: concept, features.
  2. A typography marketing text structure.
  3. Landing page conversion and traffic.
  4. Twenty main points that a landing page must meet.

Question Plan

Such a plan’s structure is based on questions that are arranged in a logical sequence one after another. It is ideal for describing business ideas, guides, training materials. Example:

  1. What has targeted advertising, and who are targeting experts?
  2. What tasks are set for the targeting specialist?
  3. How are targeting experts different from marketers?
  4. Where to start to become a targeting specialist?
  5. How much do targeting experts earn?

A Plan Was Drawn Up Using A Thesis

Thanks to the thesis plan, you can summarize your text’s essence, main thoughts, and ideas concise and structured manner. For this, these are applied. The text’s effective perception should be conditionally divided into blocks, each of which has approximately 1000 text characters. Each of these blocks refers to the corresponding point of the thesis plan. For example, if an article or scientific report consists of 12,000 characters, 12 points are needed. Below is an example of such a structure:

  1. What is a landing page, how it differs from a regular website, why create it, and how will it help in business (it can help you effectively collect requests for a product or service)?
  2. The main landing page criteria: design, selling text structure, and all the necessary elements.
  3. For which business niches, the use of the landing page will be productive.
  4. A complete list of recommendations that a well-designed landing page should meet.

Name Each Part

This type of plan provides for the need to come up with names for each logical part: name it. The naming plan is minimally informative compared to the previous options and serves for “representative” purposes. If you want to retell the text according to this type, it won’t be easy, but you will be able to make short paragraphs that are easy to remember. Example:

  1. Target advertising.
  2. Popular targets.
  3. Landing page.
  4. Landing page criteria

Conclusion On The Essay Outline

After looking at how to write a plan, in the end, we will analyze the main mistakes that students can make. There are several of them:

  1. Isolation of a very large or, on the contrary, a minimal number of semantic parts.
  2. Violation of logic, rearrangement of parts in places.
  3. Lack of necessary components: introduction, climax, and denouement.
  4. Incorrect selection of headings for paragraphs. It is necessary to name parts of the text so that, when reading the title, one can immediately remember what is being said in this fragment.

Competent and thoughtful work on the text will help to avoid these mistakes. An essay plan is needed to increase the grade received for the essay and so that, when you start writing it, you do not have a blank sheet of paper – both in the direct and in the symbolic sense of this image. The preliminary writing of the plan allows you to organize thoughts, tune in to a coherent and reasonable presentation of them, fosters a sense of logic, and discipline the mind.

Another advantage of the plan is that you can draw up one under almost any circumstances: walking in the park, standing in line at the store, preparing lunch. Then, when each thought takes its place in the plan, you have to transfer it to paper. By the way, many classics of literature created their works in this way. Therefore, there is probably a reason to borrow such a convenient tool from them and draw up a plan for an essay, no matter what it is and whoever it is addressed to.

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