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Book Report Format – Everything You Need To Know


We all correctly understand that a book review is an assessment of work, and it, most often, gives an answer to the reader’s essential question, whether the person who wrote the review liked or did not like the book. If you want the written review to be as interesting, objective, and detailed as possible, it is enough to follow a few simple rules that we have described below.

In most cases, only two things are expected from a book report: a story about what is written in the book (what it is about) and your personal opinion. You write because you liked the book and got hooked, or vice versa, negative reviews.

Of course, a good book report should undoubtedly speak about the work’s content – and there should be more information in it than in the classical annotation. But it is worthwhile to understand that it is better to make the presentation short. You do not need to describe all the details and actions of each character. People who are not familiar with the piece are unlikely to be grateful for the spoilers.

Reviews can be divided into:

  1. Expanded annotation, which will reveal the content of the work.
  2. A small article in which the work is an occasion for discussing current problems.
  3. An essay is dominated by the reviewer’s thinking about a book or a writer.
  4. Author’s review – the author’s opinion on his work.
  5. Reports – several works are included in the report’s text, combined by plot, topic, chronology, etc.

What Does It Mean To Create a Book Report?

The read text’s emotional and intellectual experience is drawn up in a small article of one or two pages. You will love writing a book report because this is not a work where a more or less in-depth literary analysis is required on the teacher’s topic, a plan, an epigraph, the thought of literary critics, and argumentation. A fairly free story about the things that touched: even if the reader is not delighted with what has been passed – please share your impressions, explain the reasons, argue other people’s hobbies.

The purpose of the report is to describe your feelings and thoughts from getting to know the author and his work and recommending the book or work to other readers. The report can be written in the form of reasoning, and then it usually contains a thesis, evidence of the validity of this opinion; conclusion; recommendations.

Are you wondering what the format of a book report is? A correct book report should be created in approximately this format:

  1. Complete information about the author of the book, title, topic, year of publication, key points of the story.
  2. Analysis of the book with a focus on a specific target audience.
  3. Analytical approach: examines and substantiates all the good and bad that is at work.
  4. Sufficient amount of information to form an opinion about the book.
  5. Mention of previous works and author’s regalia, without subservience or bias.

What Does the Book Report Structure Look Like?

We advise you to write a book report as if you were sharing your reading experience aloud: easy and fun. With each new text, your writing skill will only improve. But first of all, you must know the correct structure of the report. Curious about what are the parts of a book report? Then read the information below:

  1. Write a short overview of the book’s content, a list of the main characters, and possibly indicate the main topic.
  2. Your personal opinion about this book, you liked it, caused negative emotions, or even made you indifferent with regret for the time spent on it.
  3. And now is the time to move on to a detailed analysis, which may include the following assessments: the persuasiveness of the characters of both the primary and secondary characters; how much the work corresponds to a given genre; the degree of intrigue; the uniqueness of the plot; the complexity of the composition, and so on. Everything that you find interesting and worthy of a separate mention.
  4. A very responsible and undoubtedly significant moment is a personal reflection. After all, if the book is deep and made you think about it, staying in the plot for some time, prompted your thoughts about the topic raised by the author or the heroes, you realized something, realized that not all of us are trembling creatures. Still, we have the right – do not be silent. Let other book lovers find out about it. Explain this in a review, making it unique and personal.

Tips Authors for Writing Book Report

The first thing we advise authors to ask themselves a lot of questions. Why was the piece so hooked on me? Why does my eye shake from the actions of the hero? Why did I realize that this author’s books will be read and will decorate my shelf? Why am I obliged to tell everyone that you cannot waste time on this book? Why don’t I feel sorry for not having read this book to the end? Why did tears flow from my eyes, from empathy, then from laughter? Why is this book comparable to the books of classical authors?

The second thing we advise is not to reject the interpretation. If a piece is strong and really good, then it will inevitably have several interpretations. After all, a brilliant author writes that everyone would find and see something of his own in his work. Describe in the text your analysis of the book, what you found, how you comprehended and interpreted what you read. It’s no secret that the book is not a monologue of the writer, but a dialogue between the author and the reader, so your interpretation will stir up the interest of the new reader in the book. Include this item in the outline of your report.

The third thing we recommend is to try to compare the work with other works of the author. If this author is familiar to you, you have read his other books, and then this is only on hand – feel free to draw parallels. Your thoughts and critical eye will be exciting. Indicate whether there are recognizable copyright features. And do not forget about the generally accepted comparison – the new book is better or weaker than the previous one. Such a comparative literary analysis will be both interesting and useful.

Make a Book Report Outline

Let’s immediately answer the question of what a book report outline is? This is a structure thanks to which you will be able to arrange the report paragraphs logically. Example book report outline:

  1. Who is the author of Harry Potter?
  2. When was the first part of Harry Potter written?
  3. What is the plot of the first part of the Harry Potter book?
  4. How impressed is the Harry Potter book?
  5. Can I recommend the Harry Potter book to other readers?

Example Book Report

To your attention, a good book reports example:

“The Hunger Games has become my ticket to the future of modern literature. It was from this book that my fascination with the genre of youth dystopia began. She became the first of many, prompting me to read many other works in the genre. Indeed, The Hunger Games are fun and unforgettable. There is something in this book that you love her for, even though she is far from perfect.

The Hunger Games is rightfully the flagship of the genre, a famous book among youth dystopias, and they differ from many in their seriousness. This book can teach many good things: sacrifice for the sake of loved ones, love for your loved ones, be able to make friends, and value freedom. The Hunger Games plot is similar to many others – a girl fights for her life and becomes an inspiration for other people in their struggle. Of course, there is also a love line, which made the book a good half of the glory.

The characters in the book are exciting but ambiguous. The most interesting were secondary ones like Games Mitch, Effie, Cato, Clivia, etc. Each character is very good at the prophecy, each has its own story, motives, but all the characters can please the reader. For example, Katniss turned out to be a very controversial heroine. On the one hand, she is brave, strong, stubborn, but closed, even rude, even closed. She doesn’t know how to communicate with people, does not know how to listen to anyone, but her positive qualities still prevail. Pita Malark is also a controversial hero.

On the one hand, he is kind, gentle, calm. However, reading the book, one feels that he is too weak and helpless for a guy. It’s unusual to watch a girl constantly rescue a guy, rather than the other way around. In general, she and Katniss seemed to have changed places, which made it a little uncomfortable.

The author’s language deserves praise, unlike her colleagues in the genre. Susan Collins can write. She can describe and draw the reader into her story. Her novel is easy and pleasant to read because you hear a quiet and beautiful voice in your head. Susan’s style is engaging, very detailed, sometimes even too much, for example, when she describes food or clothing from Katniss’s perspective. However, despite this, there is no feeling of being drawn out. In her performance, even a first-person story is not confusing.

To summarize, The Hunger Games is a fascinating, addictive book that should be read by every dystopian fan. It is not too dynamic, despite the bloody Igor’s description, where children die, but this calmness of the stories is only good. The first part turned out to be interesting. She introduced the reader to the new world and delayed it so much that hardly anyone would have enough strength not to know what will happen next.”

Conclusion Related Book Report

During student life, all people can try their hand at writing a response to the work. Learning to grasp the author’s message and your feeling from the book is a complex interaction, so in the end, we will share a few secrets:

  1. The text must be coherent. There is no need to fill out a review in the form of answers to questions. It would help if you made a small ledge in a journalistic style, pleasing to the ear.
  2. Be sincere, and your efforts will be appreciated.
  3. If you remember three more after reading a particular book, be sure to write about it. Such a comparison will reveal deeper the work genre, attract fans of similar stories, and add color to your text.

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