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Easy Tricks To Master Article Review Writing


What is an article review? Why is it so popular among students, and why do professors like this task so much? There are several reasons for such a tendency. Teachers from schools and universities are eager to assign the students with the article review. First and foremost, writing such a paper can show the skills of a student. It can demonstrate the level of proficiency and the extent to which the students comprehend the structure of the assignment. Second of all, this is a perfect chance to see if a student got the idea of a publication he or she is referring to. As you can see, there are so many aspects that a teacher can check simply by assigning an article review. 

This is not an easy task. Though an article review doesn’t usually have a countless number of pages, it requires an in-depth analysis of the text. Even if you decide to describe the main idea on a few pages, you still need to investigate the issue. If you don’t have an idea of the correct article review format, you can get enough information here. Continue reading to figure out the most substantial article review related aspects together. 

What Is An Article Review And How Can You Define It?

Let’s first start with the definition. Before you start working on any academic assignment, you should learn more about its structure and major characteristics. When we talk about an article review, we imply an academic paper. This is a combination of a regular summary and an evaluative analysis essay. This mix of structures and formats makes an article review a very interesting object of investigation. 

When you are to write an article review, your main task is to get closely acquainted with the work of another person. This could be anything connected with a particular topic or subject. To be true, this is a common practice to evaluate the works of other authors. It is a beneficial activity. It helps writers find mistakes, analyze the texts, and draw necessary conclusions. Such practice helps writers become better and improve their professional skills. 

Working on an article review is a demanding task. This is not a regular writing practice, as you can meet when working on essays. To cope with an article review, you need to get some superficial knowledge about the work. Then you have to analyze it from different perspectives. You should also summarize your findings and comprehend the topic. 

The difficulty lies in the structure of the paper. Young and unseasoned writers make common mistakes that practically ruin the sense of the task. When you are working on an article review, you should omit new information. Your task is to work on the already given data and make the most of it. This way, the review will have less redundant elements. 

Article Review Structure: How To Write The Review In APA Format?

There is no definite way to write an article review. You are going to write reviews on different papers. Thus, the structure will always differ slightly. Therefore, you need to stick to the requirements of your professor. If in the task there’s a need to write an article in an APA format, you should stick to it. If there are other requirements, you should also take them into account. 

In a nutshell, there are basic text parts that you cannot forget. First, you write an introduction where you describe the main ideas of the author’s work. Then you explain these ideas and give your personal opinion. And in the end, you conclude. 

The Best Tips To Manage An Article Review At The Highest Level

Are you familiar with the assignment? Have you already tried to work on the review? You have probably read some article review examples and investigated not one article review template. But there are still doubts about the writing process. It takes time, and you don’t know how to optimize the process. If you consider article review writing as a time-consuming activity, our recommendations will help you. Read the guidelines below and learn how to make your work more productive. 

  1. Check the structure of the assignment. When you know what the task is about, you need to learn the correct way to format it. The correct formatting is a key element of a successful article review. To make sure you are doing well, you need to learn this information ahead. Check it on the Internet or ask for some explanation from your professor. It will help you keep the information organized. 
  2. What is the main idea of the text? This should be the next step in your writing process. To come up with a well-developed text, you need to get the main idea of the text. When you read the text of the other author for the first time, try to focus on the major facts. When reading it for the second time, get deeper into the sense of the text. Try to think about what was the goal of the author. What did he or she want to convey to the reader? Was it a successful attempt? Did the writer achieve the initial goal? Answering these questions will help you understand the work better. 
  3. Make sure you understand everything in the paper. Article review may be written on different topics. You aren’t always an expert in a particular theme. You may also know little about the topic. To avoid confusion, it is important to check all the terms. If you don’t know the meaning of a term or notion, it is always better to look them up in reliable sources. 
  4. Read thoughtfully. Superficial reading is great when you are getting acquainted with the text. But to get the idea and comprehend the content, you need to think when reading. To make it easier, you can highlight the central ideas. By emphasizing the ideas, you understand the text better. 
  5. The outline is a must. The outline is a plan for your paper. This is what makes writing more beneficial. This is a so-called step-by-step instruction. You need to work on it before you start writing the paper. You can find a template on the Internet. Or you can design your style of outline that suits your assignment. But having it on hand can facilitate the process. A detailed plan with appropriate answers will keep all your ideas in one place. You won’t forget anything. 
  6. Brainstorm. Nevertheless, you are mainly referring to the work of another author; you need to brainstorm the ideas. Think about what the author wanted to convey. What are the main triggers for the readers? What is better to refer to? It will help you elaborate on the issue better. 
  7. Check the examples. This is a great tip, but students often underestimate the importance of it. To make sure you follow the right style, you have to consult the article review example. Find the examples on the Internet and carefully read through them. This way, you will see if you managed the structure of the text and whether the citation is correctly written. But don’t forget to follow the guidelines of your professor. If there is something mentioned in the requirements for the task, you are to stick to these issues.
  8. Write a compelling introduction. This is a brief paragraph at the beginning of the whole paper. Here you should briefly describe the main ideas found in the text. Try to focus on the main aspects that the author was trying to discuss in the original paper. The introduction has to be interesting to read. Remember also about a well-developed thesis, which you should put at the end of the paragraph. 
  9. Follow the style. If you want to add some new interesting things to the text, you should be careful. You can’t simply add anything you want and expect a good mark. If you want to be creative, you first need to mind the style of the writing. If you don’t overstep your limits, you can incorporate your ideas into the text. 
  10. Don’t forget about the conclusion. In the end, your task is to conclude whether the author coped with the task or not. Tell in a few words if the author achieved the main task or not, and if so, explain it briefly. You may also draw attention to the major issues of the work and add some personal thoughts. 

These tips should help you with writing. If you follow the steps, you can make the final result better. 

Article Review Example

If you need some inspiration and want to get ideas for your writing, you can use the following example. 

Ayn Rand and his works: article review example 

The purpose of the work is to investigate the main features of Ayn Rand’s novels. When analyzing his articles, one can conclude that the author used comparative analysis. It helped to reveal the main features of the genre used in the works. The protagonist in the novels was also described with the help of the structural-semantic method. 

When reading the texts carefully, we can get how the author perceived the world. This world is clearly described in the texts. Comprehensive reading also helps the reader to follow the main ideas expressed by the author. 


Writing an article review is an interesting task. You don’t need to burn the midnight oil trying to achieve the results. All you need is a passion for reading and analyzing the texts. When you are done with the texts, you can write. Adhering to the requirements can make it easier. 

Do You Need Help?

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