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500 Word Essay Easy To Write


Such a genre of student work as an essay allows students to freely discuss various topics, express their opinion on the problem, and tell about their own life stories. It’s great if the volume of the text is not large and you like the topic. Problems arise when you need to write a 500-word essay.

One of the main goals of writing a 500 word essay is to convince or motivate the reader. In such a large essay, the author needs to raise a problem, answer questions, or find solutions for a situation. Even if it seems to you that you do not have enough ideas for the text, we assure you that with the help of our simple instructions, you will succeed.

Unlike other student papers, 500 word essays do not have clear content requirements. It usually depends on the topic and the subject. Of course, it cannot be said that there are no definite assessment criteria; therefore, some requirements must be observed. Below you will find the essay’s definition, the 500-word essay length, and what format you need to follow.

What Does a 500 Word Essay Mean?

If poetry is the heart’s music, then an essay for 500 words is the music of thought. If a scientific article is intended for all readers, then an essay is aimed at a specific reader. That is, the author appeals to the public who is interested in the topic. The reader who understands the topic will find it interesting to read the essay. This writing format allows the student to reveal different skills and think critically. Thanks to the audience, the writer develops an interest in writing exciting content to look for new information.

Surely you are wondering how many paragraphs are 500 words? Usually, this essay will consist of 3-5 paragraphs. Now you’re wondering how long a 500 word essay is? The volume of the essay is up to 1 – 1.5 pages of A4 format, font Times New Roman, size 14 pt with an interval of 1.5 between lines, with indents from the edges of the sheet by 2 cm from the left and the top and 1.5 cm from the bottom and right. When using literature and other sources, references to them are required.

The style of the 500-word essay is different: aphoristic, imagery, paradoxicality. The 500 word essay format is characterized by numerous artistic expressions, symbols, metaphors; comparisons; allegorical parable images. To successfully convey thoughts to the reader, the author needs to use various artistic techniques. It will also be interesting if you use parallels and find analogs for comparison. Your 500 word essay will only be read if you manage to draw unexpected conclusions or plots.

Structure And Format Of 500 Word Essay

A 500 word essay has a not quite standard structure. The essay should not contain such elements as a table of contents, a list of references. The writing style does not require any special rules from you, and you can freely express your thoughts. The only rule that you need to adhere to is always a logical construction of paragraphs and sentences. The structure never changes, and it doesn’t matter if you’re writing a descriptive or narrative essay. This means that no matter what you can write about anything, the structure must be adhered to under all circumstances:

The First Paragraph Is An Introduction

You should show why you are interested in the team you have chosen and come up with a thesis. You can also dilute this paragraph with questions that you will answer in the central chat room. We strongly recommend that you do not describe everything you know on the topic. Your problem is to express your opinion and prove your thesis. You have to stick to the same idea from start to finish, so a set of incompatible sentences is not your option.

The Main Body Of The Essay

It’s designed to convince the reader of your statements. In this part, you need to find strong arguments in favor of the thesis about describing why exactly this assumption should be considered correct. Thanks to quotes from well-known sources and facts, you will prove everything you think on the topic.

The Last Important Part Of The Essay Is The Conclusion

To successfully finish your text, you can use the quotations and, once again, prove that you think correctly about the topic. Do not retell everything you wrote earlier. It looks boring. Find interesting words and new information to make your text look coherent.

Are you wondering how long to write a 500 word essay? The structure shows that you will have to spend a day creating the correct text. Therefore, we recommend that you set aside enough time to be in time to submit the text on time.

Experienced Writer’s Tips for Creating 500 Word Essay

In this section, we have collected tips from experienced writers that we want to share with you:

  1. You can write good writing if you answer two questions: Why are you writing? Who are you writing for? When you answer, you need to come up with ideas for the text. And now you wonder what topic ideas for 500 words essays exist? We have prepared a list of topics for you:
    1. Does the divorce of parents affect children?
    2. What is the most beautiful place on the planet and would you like to visit it?
    3. Is there real friendship?
    4. Is it possible to achieve success without breaking the laws of morality?
    5. Why is eating a healthy diet important?
  2. Outline the text. A plan is a frame on which words are then “put on,” and a finished text is obtained. The better the plan, the higher the quality of the content.
  3. Please keep it simple. If you are the first to encounter this type of assignment, keep it as simple as possible. Make a short sentence of 5-8 words. Use minimum commas in the text. This does not mean that you need to write with errors. Use simple sentences that don’t need commas.
  4. Use more facts. Facts are the basis of the article. The more data, numbers, and other factual information you collect, the better you will create the text.

Example of a Successful 500 Word Essay

A 500 essay example of an essay on the topic: Can you change while remaining yourself?

“People throughout their life change not only externally, but also internally. They have new habits, interests, views on the surrounding reality. These changes occur as a result of upbringing, new acquaintances, information received, strong emotional upheaval. Sometimes, he even has to come to terms with the fact that he does not like, adapt, and change his beliefs. But it is much harder, in my opinion, when you have to pretend that you have adopted, reconciled, but remained unconvinced, did not change his inner “I.” Is it possible to combine these processes, change, and, at the same time, remain yourself?

In this regard, I am reminded of the fate of Galileo Galilei, an Italian scientist who lived in the sixteenth century. He made many scientific discoveries and preached the Copernican heliocentric system, which was officially considered sinful. The scientist could comprehend the fate of Giordano Bruno, who was burned at stake by the decision of the Inquisition court for the fact that he remained himself to the end – he did not renounce his “heretical” views. Galileo was also arrested, and in 1633 a trial took place, as a result of which the scientist publicly renounced the statement that the earth revolves around the sun. Of course, the great scientist, being a reasonable person, did not risk his loved ones’ life and well-being. I think that most of his contemporaries understood that such an act was not a renunciation of their scientific views but a forced measure. Resigned to the fact that he could not change, Galileo remained himself and, although without universal recognition, continued his scientific research.

The story described in the play by W. Shakespeare is also very indicative. Hamlet, Prince of the Danish kingdom, learns that his brother treacherously killed his father. After the king’s death, Claudius married the boy’s mother and became the ruler of Denmark. Hamlet decides to avenge his father’s death. But Claudius feels threatened. To lull his uncle’s vigilance, the young man comes up with a cunning plan. The Prince has to change to achieve his goal. Sometimes, it is even impossible to understand whether he is posing as a madman, which was one of his plan’s most essential points, or whether he lost his mind. Remaining a man capable of great love, Hamlet becomes a person containing boundless hatred. He does not even pity those truly devoted to him, whom he loved and respected. It seems to me that, having changed for the sake of revenge, this hero has lost his real self. Having lost himself, he lost everything: relatives and loved ones, the joy of life, and even life itself.

I think that being yourself in different situations is not easy at all. Not everyone is capable of this. Sometimes life teaches cruel lessons, changes destinies, characters, and beliefs. To accept these lessons with dignity, to join a stormy and challenging life, to change with it, and at the same time not to lose yourself, you need to be a real person. “

Summing Up the 500 Word Essay

To successfully write a 500 word essay, you need to learn eight rules:

  1. Only positive speech. It is better to describe what is, not what is not.
  2. Bundle words. They help to transition from one part to another smoothly.
  3. Different sentence structure. Reading sentences with the correct structure is boring. Add some inversions. Write sentences of different lengths. Do you remember how many pages are 500 words? We remind you – 1-1.5 pages. Therefore, be good at building sentences to fit that number of pages.
  4. Clear words. Understand the meanings of the words you use in the essay. You write to impress with content, not vocabulary. Refinement is good but in moderation.
  5. Different words are synonyms.
  6. Laconism.
  7. Every word is essential. Each sentence should have a unique meaning.
  8. Active life position.

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